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Government blind to Disability

A bill proposed by the Federal Governments will exclude you, if you’re blind and over the age of 65, from being eligible for disability funding. This means placing people in a position of vulnerability into the generic aged-care system.

We spoke to the Executive Director of the Royal Society for the Blind, Andrew Daly.

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A telescope to bust the cosmic dust

If  you thought your Year 8 science project on volcanoes was pretty hot, well think again!

New Zealand, Australia and South Africa are set to co-host the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), a $3.1 billion radio telescope dubbed “the biggest science project in the world” – or perhaps even the universe – that will banish the murky cosmic dust and reveal areas of space the humble optical telescope cannot.

It is hoped the SKA will give us the best chance of detecting extra-terrestrial life in the far reaches of the universe, but until then our New Zealand correspondent, Will Pollard, will have to satisfy our dark matter cravings and keep us up to date with the latest news from across the Tasman.

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Mum’s the word

As parents age, difficult decisions often have to be made, however for Josephine Swiggs the decision was easy. Jo moved in with her mum and while caring for her, Jo got some invaluable insight into aged care. Through her book, she tells the inspirational journey she took while using it as a tool to inform others on how to support loved ones through their later years.

Tim Brunero spoke with her to discuss the book and living with mum.

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What to expect from the aged care overhaul

For many elderly Australians getting the appropriate care can be tough, with some people having to sell or mortgage family homes in order afford aged care.

Earlier this week the Productivity Commission released a 750 page report on overhauling aged care, which included steps to try to help the average Australian keep their home.

However some people feel that the recommendations aren’t the best way to help older Australians.

Tim asked Michael O’Neill, chief executive of National Seniors Australia if he thinks there is any problem with the suggestions.

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ANF urges Gillard to show some love this Valentine’s day

The ‘Caring for Older Australians’ Report released by the Productivity Commission suggests aged care services have improved over the last decade, but it also recognizes that there are still weaknesses in the sector such as the ratio of nurses to patients.

On Tuesday this week we spoke to National Seniors CEO Michael O’Neil  – who was disappointed in the report – and he’s not the only one. The Australian Nursing Federation have been campaigning for some time to improve services in aged care  and they were shocked by the report failing to recommend any significant changes to aged care.

 They’re now calling for a national day of action on February 14, to urge Prime Minister Gillard to show some love towards older Australians.

To talk more about this issue we were joined by Federal Secretary of the Australian Nursing Federation, Lee Thomas. Catherine asked Lee what she was most disappointed about after reading the draft.

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ANF Lee Thomas

Productivity Commission Report: Aged Care

In the past five years the standard of care in nursing homes has deteriorated, according to a new report.  A report by Access Economics has found that there are now less staff to look after more patients.

The Productivity Commission has also been looking into the issue of funding for aged care services, and their report has just been released. It’s being hailed as a once in a life time opportunity for the Federal Government to fix the ailing aged care system and prepare for the growing demand it will face in the near future.

Joining Catherine Zengerer on the program this morning to discuss what this report means for the future of aged care was National Seniors chief executive, Michael O’Neill

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