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Curing Bowel Cancer with Little Black Dresses

Bowel Cancer affects more and more people every year, but the truth is that it’s easy to screen for and cure if caught early enough, all we need is awareness.

The Jodi Lee Foundation was created to promotes bowel cancer awareness, and founder Nick Lee spoke to Tim Brunero about their upcoming Little Black Dress Party.

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Producers: Michael Roelink, Jordan Archer & Bill Walter

The Jodi Lee Foundation: Nick Lee

Imagine losing your partner at 41. What would you do? Would you retreat into your shell and never come out? Or would you strike out into the world determined to stop others suffering the same fate?
The second option is exactly what Nick Lee did when his wife, and mother to his 2 small children, Jodi, passed away from bowel cancer at the age of 41.
He started the Jodi Lee Foundation which aims to raise awareness about bowel cancer. Not only about how more and more people are getting it, but also how easy it is to screen for and to cure.
Nick spoke to Tim Brunero about the Foundation and its aims.

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Bananas And Bowel Cancer: Interview With Glenn Cardwell – Dietitian

Bowel cancer is on the rise in Australia’s young people.  Glenn Cardwell, an Accredited Practising Dietitian, has made the discovery of a resistant form of starch found in bananas which may help prevent the disease. Glenn spoke to Jess Wingard to discuss his discovery and other ways of avoiding the onset of bowel cancer. With 14,000 new diagnoses each year, Jess began by asking Glen how many are diagnosed in South Australia alone.

Nutrition Impact

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Time to increase screening for bowel cancer

Bowel cancer is Australia’s second biggest cancer killer, after lung cancer.

One in 12 Australians will be diagnosed with bowel cancer in their lifetime, however 90 percent of cases can be treated successfully, if caught in time.

This week is Bowel Cancer Awareness Week, which hopes to encourage Australians to be screened.

Jess Wingard asked Professor Graham Newstead from Bowel Cancer Australia why cases of bowel cancer are so common.

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