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Cattle Slaughter in Australia

After the recent uproar over the inhumane slaughter of Australian animals overseas, it looks like the live export of cattle to Indonesia will get underway again soon.

Federal and State Agriculture Ministers met last week to discuss the standards that will be demanded of overseas abattoirs before the animal trade can resume. With farmers and graziers impatient to get things moving, Ministers say they will now consult with the industry before making any final rulings.

The controversy over live exports has also put a focus on the treatment of animals here in Australia. It’s prompted the South Australian Agriculture Minister Michael O’Brien to propose a change to our own national standards. He wants a guarantee that all animals will be stunned before slaughter right across Australia. Tim Brunero spoke to the Minister about this proposal.

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Politically Speaking: Matt Agius

It’s been a busy week in Australian Politics, and Matt Agius, our regular Political Commentator spoke to Tom Changarathil about Climate Change, Pauline Hanson and Bob Katter’s new Party – will it be relevant or not – and how Ethics change into politics. Also covered is our role in Afghanistan. Tom began the conversation by asking about the recent ABC expose of Indonesian abattoirs.

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Cattle Threat: Interview with Prof. Michael Reichel

A new research conducted by the University of Adelaide points to the possibility of a major miscarriage-causing parasite to be present in about a third of the cattle population here in South Australia. While the infection found at this stage may be low, the threat to breeding cannot be overruled. The culprit is a single-celled parasite called ‘Neospora Caninum’ and currently there is no vaccine or treatment available in  Australia to tackle it. Professor Michael  Reichel, Professor in Veterinary Epidemology & Public Health from the School of Animal & Veterinary  Sciences, University of Adelaide, spoke to Jess Wingard this morning, and she asked the Professor what prompted the reasearch.

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