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The only way is up…

The Adelaide CBD has a focus on low density buildings, both residential and commercial. But many academics and city planners are arguing for a larger, more CBD focussed population for South Australia.

Given that the 6th Australasian Housing Researchers’ Conference. “Housing in an Era of Risk and Crisis”. Is running from the 8-10 Februrary at The University of Adelaide we thought it would be a good time for Tim Brunero to speak with Professor Andrew Beer about the problems and future plans for Adelaide’s skyline.

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Producers: Wade Stephens, Rupert Hogan-Turner

Livening Up Adelaide’s Laneways

To some of our interstate neighbours, and even many people living here, Adelaide can be perceived as dull and sometimes a little bit boring, however, this might all be about to change.

Premier Jay Weatherill has recently announced plans to revive our CBD, encourage local enterprise and bring our laneways to life, following his first meeting, as Premier, of the Capital City Committee.

Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood joined Jennie Lenman to talk about the proposed changes.

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Producer Sophie McKay

40kph in the CBD?

Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood is pushing for forty kilometre per hour speed zones in the city, and the Heart Foundation supports him.
They want Adelaide to be the country’s most walk-friendly city, and seek an S A version of Victoria Walks, which is supported by the Victorian Government.

Wendy Keech is the Director of cardiovascular health with the Heart Foundation, and spoke to Tim as she was heading out the door  to Canada for Walk 21

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