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Eleven. Undici. Once.

Can you remember how you saw the world when you were eleven?

Melbourne film-maker, Genevieve Bailey, wanted to find out what it’s like to be an eleven-year-old in today’s world.

She travelled to 15 countries to film eleven-year-olds talking candidly about love, war, culture, family, happiness, religion and the future.

The resulting documentary, ‘I Am Eleven’, has been embraced by international audiences for its striking global portrayal of humanity, and has picked up several Film Festival awards.

Genevieve Bailey spoke to Angus Randall about her film-making journey.

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Producer: India Hooi

Helping children understand

One in five people experience depression or anxiety at some stage of their lives, however family and friends of a person affected by depression often feel the repercussions of their loved one suffering.

Many will understand and offer support, but what about those who are too young to comprehend what is actually happening? Children will notice changes in their parent but won’t necessarily understand why.

Brad Morgan, Workforce Development Officer at Children of Parents With a Mental Illness, and producer of a DVD designed to help parents talk about their depression and anxiety with their family, spoke to Angus Randall.

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Producer: Chris Komorek

Cottonwool Kids

Gerald QuigleyGrazing your knees after falling off your bike, swinging from tree branches and kicking the footy on the oval with your friends.

These are the joys of childhood which many of us share and fondly look back upon, but it seems those adult-free days of going home when the sun goes down are dwindling, with only one in ten children aged between five and eleven getting to play outside unsupervised.

This is just one of the findings from the Chemists’ Own Healthy Summer Report and to tell us more, Pharmacist and Master Herbalist, Gerald Quigley, joins us on the line!

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Producer: Lisa Burns

A safe lead level?

There have been renewed calls to lower the safe blood lead level guidelines, with new research estimating that 100,000 children could be affected.

Exposure is a particular problem in lead smelter industrial centres such as Port Pirie north of Adelaide.

To tell us more Associate Professor in Environmental Health at Flinders University, John Edwards, spoke to Angus Randall.

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Producer: India Hooi

Searching for help

What do you do if your child is acting out? Ask parents and teachers at your school? Do nothing? Google a remedy? 1 in 7 Australian children have a mental health difficulty, but only 1 in 4 receives help. The KidsMatter website aims to to help parents and school about a child’s health.

As part of Mental Health week, Angus Randall spoke to Dr Monica Thielking, a psychologist specialising in youth and school psychology at the Swinburne Institute for Social research about getting assistance for a child’s mental health and well being.

For more information and assistance, check out the KidsMatter website.

[audio https://radioadelaidebreakfast.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/monica-thielking.mp3]

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Producer: Mike Nicholson

Children fire and the MFS

Fire. We all know its fascination, its warmth and its danger, and for the last twenty years the MFS has been conducting fire safety awareness to children.

This task has just been given a huge boost by the donation of laptops and internet time.

Phil Evans, Fire Safety Officer for the MFS, spoke to Angus Randall.

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Producer: Sue Reece

It’s not just the stranger that’s the danger

When you become a parent there is nothing more important to you than the safety of your child, but how hard is it to ensure they are out of harm’s way without becoming an over protective parent?

After all, we can’t wrap them in bubble wrap or follow them everywhere they go.

But to make sure we know how to keep our kids safe, UniSA Emeritus Professor, Freda Briggs says parents need to be educated on the modern strategies that replace the once-simple ‘stranger danger’, and she spoke to Tim Brunero this morning.

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The lost boys of Sudan

Our nation is quite divided on the issue of refugees as we grapple with the huge issues that it brings to the surface, but often we know very little about them.

The Reverend Abraham Maluk is part of the “Lost Boys” of Sudan, a name given to about  20,000 boys who actually managed to reach survivor camps in neighbouring countries.

Since being given a new home in Australia, he has founded an orphanage back in South Sudan to cater for the current generation of children still losing their families due to the continuing violence.

Tim Brunero spoke to the Rev. Maluk this morning.

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Producer: Sue Reece

Acknowledging the lost child.

A stillbirth is the death of a baby during or before birth. Once the child has reached the 20th week of pregnancy or 400 grams in weight, it is considered to be a child who has died.

In Australia around 2,000 babies are still-born each year. That equates to about one woman in one hundred and thirty who will lose her child.

How do the parents cope with the sudden and heartbreaking news that the child they have happily expected has died?

Heartfelt‘ is a volunteer organisation of photographers, and its President, Gavin Blue spoke to Tim Brunero.

Link to ‘Vimeo‘.
Lifeline: 13 11 14

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Producer: Sue Reece

How happy are your kids?

As a parent, your child’s wellbeing is of paramount concern.But what elements influence your children’s happiness?  And how can we measure a child’s wellbeing?

Johnathan Bradshaw is a leading expert from the University of York in the UK on child poverty and child wellbeing. He spooke to Tim Brunero about his study on the happiness and wellbeing of children.

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Producer: Tim Brunero