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Look into my eyes, the eyes…

Would you be prepared to be hypnotised on stage in front of a large audience?

Stage hypnotist Isaac Lomman does just this in the name of fun and entertainment.

He spoke to Sue Reece about his Fringe Show ‘ Comedy Hypnosis: A World of Enchantment’, in which he bypasses the normal state of mind and takes people to a subconsciousness beyond their imagination…

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Produced by Sue Reece

It’s not a Con…

The Con Artists are not a seedy group of scammers… but a six-part a capella vocal  group who sing their own arrangements inspired by ‘nerd culture’.

They’ll be performing at the Fringe this March, stealing the show with their vibrant harmonies and costumed fun inspired by film & TV, games, the Internet and pop culture.

The Con Artists joined us in the studio to share some harmonious harmonies from their show ‘Sing All The Memes’.

Check out the interview and tunes below!

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Produced by India Hooi

Finding the Funny in Nursing

The Fringe is nearly here, so it’s time to pick up those Fringe guides and give them a good read.

This morning Angus Randall spoke to  Georgie Carroll, who migrated to Australia as a nurse in 2009, before picking up comedy later in the same year. After winning Adelaide Comedy’s comedian of the year for 2012, this Fringe Georgie is putting on her first solo show,  “Nurse Case Scenario”.

Check out the whole interview below!

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Produced by Ingrid Goetz

Deliverance from nothing

Theatre, comedy and music weren’t the only performances at the Fringe this year.There was something very special going on in Gluttony in Rymill Park.

It was Deliverance – a durational piece where three performers entered and stayed in a 6 x 5 metre outdoor space for 10 days.

They initially were naked with absolutely no possessions.

That is, until the goodwill of passersby came through, with people sharing clothes, objects, shelter and food with the three.

Kat Henry, William McBride and Penny Harpham lived this experiment for 240 hours. Kat spoke with Jennie Lenman about what the three discovered.

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Produced by Jennie Lenman

The Battle of the Cuttlefish*

A family drama centred around the plight of the giant cuttlefish in the Spencer Gulf after a mining company decides to build a desalination plant. That’s the setting for a new play “Sepia” at this year’s Fringe.

Breakfast’s Tim Brunero was joined in the studio by playwright Emily Steel and actor Matthew Gregan.

*No cuttlefish were harmed in the making of this interview.

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Producers: Kristen Theologlou, Ruper Hogan-Turner, Ramy Abokamil

Are you the weird one in your family?

Who’s the strangest member of your family?

Stage comedian Kate McLennan is the ‘weird aunt’ to her nieces and nephews and she joined Tim Brunero to discuss family, her antics as a weird aunt and her show at the Adelaide Fringe.

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Produced by Ramy Abokamil

Laughing her way into the sweet life…

Growing up in a town of comedy like Montreal can mean you become a heartless, laughter hating monster. Not so for DeAnne Smith, tie wearer and comedian extroadinaire. DeAnne is travelling Adelaide at the moment performing a fringe show from March 5th until March 18th. She spoke with Tim about being a comedian and her new show Livin the Sweet Life.

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Producer: Rupert Hogan-Turner

Heard the One About the Three Canadians and the Fringe?

Ever wanted to know whether Canadians are as funny as they sound? Keep in mind that they would probably ask the same question of us.
However, we are the ones who have lured them to the country with our own cultural trap – The Fringe!
Comedy group The Three Canadians are at this year’s Adelaide Fringe where spectators are free to poke and prod them until they make us laugh.
Tim Brunero spoke to Eric Amber to find out about their show.

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Producers: Lisa Burns, Tim Molineux, Tim Smythe

Talkin’ Organs

Chris, Tim, Barry, and Angus

He shot to fame as one of the most popular performers of 2010 on the hit ABC music quiz show Spicks and Specks. Armed with his huge, contagious smile, his famous ‘one finger method’ and his 1981 Hammond Aurora Classic, the affable and charismatic Mr. Barry Morgan, as described in his self bio, puts the Boss in Bossa Nova.
He’s currently in the city for the Adelaide Fringe Festival, with his shows airing all the way through to the 18th of March and joins Tim Brunero in the studio this morning.

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Producers: Chris Komorek & Angus Randall

The Golden Gibbo Award

Funny man Xavier Michelides is a 2011 Golden Gibbo Award Nominee, has appeared on Rove and is in town for the Adelaide Fringe Festival.
With only three shows remaining at this year’s festival, beginning today and ending on the third of March, you’ll have to be quick to snap up tickets.
Tim Brunero spoke to Xavier Michelides about his Fringe experience this year.

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Producers: Chris Komorek & Angus Randall