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What’s up, doc?

Pic - flickrMost men, at some point in their life, have had problems in the bedroom, but while common causes can include medications, chronic illnesses, or just having a few too many to drink, new Australian research has shown that serious erectile dysfunction can actually be a symptom of heart disease.

Head Researcher of The Sax Institute’s “Forty Five and Up” study, Professor Emily Banks, spoke to Angus Randall.

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Producer: Tarnia George

Helping children understand

One in five people experience depression or anxiety at some stage of their lives, however family and friends of a person affected by depression often feel the repercussions of their loved one suffering.

Many will understand and offer support, but what about those who are too young to comprehend what is actually happening? Children will notice changes in their parent but won’t necessarily understand why.

Brad Morgan, Workforce Development Officer at Children of Parents With a Mental Illness, and producer of a DVD designed to help parents talk about their depression and anxiety with their family, spoke to Angus Randall.

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Producer: Chris Komorek

Music hath charms

AUMO_2Wouldn’t it be great if your doctor could whip out a violin and play a soothing melody to relax you during injections and blood tests? Imagine if your cardiologist was also a clarinettist, or your gynaecologist played the glockenspiel?

There is a very special bunch of multitalented people who can do just that, and  today the musically-talented future doctors and specialists of the Adelaide University Medical Orchestra, joined Angus Randall to end the show with a musical extravaganza!

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Inspiring Mental Health

Inspire LogoDid you know that around twenty per cent of adults are affected by some form of mental disorder every year?

An open letter to the Council of Australian Governments (or COAG) has asked for a commitment to Australia’s mental health through reasonable targets for the National Mental Health Reform.

Johnathan Nicholas, the CEO of Inspire Foundation, spoke to Angus Randall about the letter, and how his foundation helps others.

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Producer: Hannah Salisbury-Carter

Cottonwool Kids

Gerald QuigleyGrazing your knees after falling off your bike, swinging from tree branches and kicking the footy on the oval with your friends.

These are the joys of childhood which many of us share and fondly look back upon, but it seems those adult-free days of going home when the sun goes down are dwindling, with only one in ten children aged between five and eleven getting to play outside unsupervised.

This is just one of the findings from the Chemists’ Own Healthy Summer Report and to tell us more, Pharmacist and Master Herbalist, Gerald Quigley, joins us on the line!

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Producer: Lisa Burns

Toilets are us – or them

Last Tuesday was ‘World Toilet Day’, which brings attention to the risks faced by people in developing countries from poor sanitation.

One man hoping to save the world from the bottom up is Simon Griffiths, a social entrepreneur from Melbourne. He has founded an ethical toilet paper company, called “Who Gives A Crap”, that uses its profits to build toilets in the developing world.

Simaon spoke to Angus Randall to tell us why he believes every trip to the bathroom should be a feel-good experience.

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Producer: India Hooi

“What a piece of work is a man”

What does it mean to be a man? Is it all about lifting heavy things, watching sports, and opening tightly fastened jars? Or is there much more to it?

November 19th is International Men’s Day, celebrating what it actually means to be a man – in fatherhood, marriage, leadership, health, and many other facets of life.

Warwick Marsh is the Australian Coordinator of International Men’s Day and he spoke to Angus Randall this morning.

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Producer: Kristen Theologou

A safe lead level?

There have been renewed calls to lower the safe blood lead level guidelines, with new research estimating that 100,000 children could be affected.

Exposure is a particular problem in lead smelter industrial centres such as Port Pirie north of Adelaide.

To tell us more Associate Professor in Environmental Health at Flinders University, John Edwards, spoke to Angus Randall.

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Producer: India Hooi

Minister Hill and the Health Cuts

Recently announced budget changes around the state will cut $270 million from Health Department expenses for the next four years.

In an effort to make the health system more efficient, 114 beds and 350 jobs have been cut from public hospitals.

South Australian Health Minister John Hill discussed his decision with Angus Randall.

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Producer: Rupert Hogan-Turner

In Union there is strength

As the population increases in South Australia there are fewer jobs in the public sector.

This may be good news to those who believe we need a smaller government, but it’s taking its toll on public industries such as health, education and emergency services and those who work tirelessly in these areas.

To elaborate is Chief Industrial Officer of the Public Service Association of SA, Peter Christopher, who spoke to Angus Randall this morning.

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Producer: Jennie Lenman