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Libs slam our small venues

Summer nights are fantastic for heading out to town for a glass of vino and tapas at your favourite small venue around our lovely city.

With the Adelaide Fringe right around the corner, these small venues will soon be booming. Or so you’d imagine. The Upper House Liberal members are in line to block the Small Venue License Amendment and this is causing headaches for many small venues around the state.

Helen Marcou is the co founder of SLAM – Save Live Australia’s Music – and she joined Angus Randall on Breakfast to explain what blocking this amendment could mean for small venues around Adelaide.

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Producer: Chris Komorek

Don’t Kill Live Music: Interview With helen Marcou – SLAM

How important is live music to you? The Australian Performing Rights Association released a report earlier this week titled Life’s Better with Live Music. This report highlighted the contribution live music makes to Australian economy; a billion dollar industry.
But how much of this are local musicians seeing?

Jennie Lenman spoke to Helen Marcou from SLAM, and found out what the acronym “SLAM’ means.

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Producer: Ali Coad