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Look into my eyes, the eyes…

Would you be prepared to be hypnotised on stage in front of a large audience?

Stage hypnotist Isaac Lomman does just this in the name of fun and entertainment.

He spoke to Sue Reece about his Fringe Show ‘ Comedy Hypnosis: A World of Enchantment’, in which he bypasses the normal state of mind and takes people to a subconsciousness beyond their imagination…

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Produced by Sue Reece

Hello? Are you there New Zealand?

Can you imagine having your wisdom teeth pulled with little more than a kind dose of hypnosis to ease the pain? Or have you ever heard of a Queensland fruit fly forcing a suburb into lock-down?

Monday is New Zealand correspondent day, but with Will Pollard out of action with a nasty cough, our very own Lisa Burns took his place to fill us in on these and all of the other hottest topics coming out of New Zealand.

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Producer: Lisa Burns