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Mining drugs and taxes

miningNow that the dust has settled over the election announcement and parliament is back in session we get down to the nitty gritty of policy rather than speculation…maybe.

To find out how possible this is, Breakfasts’ Angus Randall spoke to Ben Eltham from independent journalist website New Matilda.

Angus began by asking Ben about the Mining Tax and went on to talk with ben about drugs in sport and some of the issues surrounding superannuationincluding the gender imbalance

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Producer: Mike Nicholson

Minor Party vs. Miner Interests

After two years of negotiation, the Federal Government’s Mining Tax legislation passed through Parliament late last night. But not everyone is happy.

SA Greens Senator Penny Wright told the Breakfast show she believes it’s a compromised deal and that mining giant BHP Billiton will now not pay one single cent of Mining Tax on its trillion dollar Olympic Dam mine.

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Producer: Ramy Abokamil

Fair Go for the Poor Billionaires

Our nation has worked to stop bullying in schools and the workplace, so why has society allowed this terrible abuse to happen to one of our smallest minorities – the Billionaire?

The Fair Go For Billionaires Party is today launching a massive ad blitz against Wayne Swan’s recent, unprovoked attack to make sure everyone understands how truly defenceless Billionaires are.

Charles Firth spoke to Tim Brunero before his first major press conference in Canberra, presumably on a yacht in the middle of Lake Burley Griffin…

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Producers: Lisa Burns, Chris Komorek, Angus Randall