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Move over London 2012, the sports world continues

The Olympics are finally over, and the cleanup is well underway in London. The sporting world may now rest.
Hold on, its actually back to business as usual. The Bledisloe Cup kicks off this weekend with the Wallabies taking on long-time rivals the New Zealand All Blacks. The best of three series is sure to captivate the Rugby World as the Wallabies plan to avenge their World Cup defeat to NZ.

Also, the Socceroos are set for their friendly in football against Scotland. Richard Evans discusses all this and more with Tim Brunero

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Truthwright Truth-days

Our trusty truthteller Dr Erstwhile Truthwright checked in for his regular chat with Tim Bruneo to tell us his predictions for the week.

Truthwright told us that every time the AIS had a dollar for every Facebook photo of Stephanie Rice in a leather mini-skirt, they would be well off. He also dropped into Cuba to say happy birthday to his favourite tobacconist, Fidel Castro who has just turned 86 years old. How did   he manage that?

Truthwright predicts that Miley Cyrus’ new do and Jennifer Anniston’s engagement will be the cause of an internet meltdown.

For all your political needs, Dr. Erstwhile Truthwright has got you covered.


[audio https://radioadelaidebreakfast.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/truthwright.mp3]

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Thumbs up for thumb wrestling

Fresh from Usain Bolt’s history-making win in the 200m sprint, UK Correspondent Dermot Smyth spoke with Angus Randall about athletes with eye-catching names, Elle ‘The Body’ Macpherson’s legal woes and the World Thumb Wrestling Championships taking place alongside the olympics.

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Christchurch and the Olympics

In our regular cross to New Zealand, Tim Brunero speaks to Correspondent, Lucas Jensen-Carey about plans for denser inner-city living in Christchurch;
untrained teachers in “Charter Schools”; and New Zealand’s performance at the Olympics.

Leading the interview, however, is the sad news from Afghanistan, where the New Zealand Military has suffered its worse loss in one day since Vietnam.

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Producer: Lisa Burns

Faster higher and more emotional

The Olympic Games is this months hot topic with 10,500 competitors, 205 nations and 26 events, and whether you’re a big fan or you’re watching begrudgingly, by now we have all seen at least a snippet of some of the action coming out of London.

Nathan Strempel has seen a little more than a snippet, he’s an honourary Aussie correspondent in London, who won an all expenses paid trip to the games to blog about all that’s happening.

Tim Brunero spoke to Nathan to get all the latest news (and gossip!).

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Producer: Tim Brunero

Pole Dancing…the Forgotten sport?

Pole Dancing Advocate groups have lucked out this Olympics, after again being overlooked and ignored by the Olympic International Committee.

Pole Dancing has long been associated with connotations of sleazy strip clubs, has gained popularity in recent years as a sport, with the flexibility, agility and strength required making it a challenge to all who try it.

Tim Brunero spoke with Fiona Patten, convenor for the Australian Sex Party about why Pole Sports should be included in the Olympics.

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Toeing the Truth Line

Truthwright Tuesdays with our regular wiseguy Dr Erstwhile Truthwright. Truthwright got flared up talkin’ Olympics, and he’s not happy about Australia’s place on the ladder.

Truthwright shared his insights with Tim Brunero

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Produced by Bryanna Griffin, Jess Hand and Mike Nicholson

Flying Aussie and Laneway Culture

The Excitement of making it to the London 2012 Olympics has not sunk in yet for young trampolinist Blake Gaudry.

The bustling restaurant district of Leigh St will cut off traffic for a six-month trial period as the state government looks at encouraging laneway culture to revitalise the Adelaide CBD. Aiming to improve underused laneways, this project has been named by Premier Jay Weatherill as the first of many set out to bring more residents and life into the city.To find out more, Tim Brunero spoke to Chris Campbell from “Our World Today“.

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You Can’t Handle The Truthwright

Truthwright Tuesdays with the usual political discourse from the effervescent Dr. Erstwhile Truthwright.

This week Truthwright contracts Olympic Mania, talking outfits – bikinis or sportswear coverup, what would YOU rather see? And with all the coverage from the Olympics, how are the Politicians faring in the spotlight?

Truthwright spilt the beans to Tim Brunero

Produced by Mike Nicholson, Jess Hand and Bryanna Griffin

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Tacks oil slicks and a four-hour tour

The Tour de France is still going strong, but it looks like Cadel Evans has got an up-hill climb to win it again – notwithstanding tacks and oil on the roads; and how much honour is there among professional cyclists?

In London, the bus carrying the Team from the USA got lost and had a four-hour sight-seeing tour of London!

Tim Brunero spoke to our regular sports commentator, Richard Evans.

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