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A stronger future for the Territory?

Since Kevin Rudd’s apology to the Stolen Generations in 2008, the Labor Government has said it will strive for justice and reconciliation for Indigenous peoples all around Australia.

But the recently passed Stronger Futures legislation, which aims to create a better future for Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory, has been condemned by Aboriginal leaders, who say the law is racist and should be dumped entirely.

Radio Adelaide Breakfast producer Lisa Burns speaks to Aboriginal Elder Dr Djiniyini Gondarra about the legislation and how he and others from the Territory plan to fight it.

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Producer: Lisa Burns

Teenage mutant secret squirrels

Technology these days is moving fast – we’ve said arrivederci to those clunky, brick-like mobile phones and dial-up internet is a mere, frustrating thing of the past.

For many Australian teenagers, having your own laptop is viewed as a necessity and not the luxury it would have been viewed as during the long-gone era of family-shared computers.

And to add insult to injury, a new study has shown not all teenagers are willing to share their online activities, least of all with their parents. Mike Worsman joined Tim Brunero in the studio to discuss  this and all of the other latest stories, coming from Our World Today.

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Producer: Lisa Burns

Welcome back New Zealand!

Put on your party hats, gather your confetti and roll out the bunting! Our family here at Radio Adelaide Breakfast would like to introduce you to our brand new New Zealand correspondent, Anna Bracewell!

Anna will be joining us for the next month to give us all of the latest goss from across the Tasman.

She joined Tim Brunero to discuss the asset sales bill that is currently making big headlines in New Zealand, as well as raising the drinking age to 20, plus the Maori Party MP who suggested people should squat  in abandoned red-zone houses rather than sleep in cars… which begs the question: would you sleep in the red-zone?

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Producer: Lisa Burns

The Good, The Bad and the Kony

The Kony 2012 phenomenon has swept the world. A 30 minute video created by US charity The Invisble Children has been shared, tweeted and then viewed over 90 million times in just one week.

But who is Kony? Is what the video says true? And does a ‘fast food’ version of social activitsim dumb down complex issues too much, or is it needed to grab the attention of the masses?

Breakfast’s Tim Brunero spoke to African political expert Dr Tanya Lyons.

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Producer: Ramy Abokamil

Rediscovering the Magic of Childhood

Swinging around on tree branches, racing around on your bike, falling over and grazing your knees after a rough game of chasey, there’s no doubt that childhood evokes some very special memories.

Two plays from this year’s Fringe both draw inspiration from the days of childhood, one which explores a boy’s coming-of-age in a harsh world, the other, a play about the life and times of renowned children’s author Lewis Carroll.

Actor Jethro Compton, from the plays ‘The Boy James’ and ‘Outland’, spoke to Jordan Archer about the magical world which these plays transport you to.

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Producers: Tim Molineux & Lisa Burns

Alola Weaves Some Love into WOMAD

WOMADelaide brings the world together for a weekend and this year it will include some of our neighbours from East-Timor.

Alola Australia is a volunteer organisation bringing East-Timorese culture to the festival in the form of handcrafts and textiles.

But that’s not all, the stall is fair trade and the items are actually being sold to support a development program for women and children.

South Australian coordinator of Alola Australia, Rebecca Kuehn, spoke to Jordan Archer about their work in East Timor.

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Producers: Tim Molineux & Lisa Burns

The Dark Horse of Show Jumping

Well today is Adelaide Cup Day which means putting on the glad-rags, cracking open a bottle of bubbly and heading out to the track to enjoy the races.

But behind the race day frivolity is the issue of whether the rights of the animals involved in the sport are being abused.

Jumps racing has certainly been a contentious issue of late, surfacing for debate in parliaments in Victoria and here in South Australia.

Tammy Franks MLC from the South Australian Greens spoke to Jordan Archer about the campaign against jumps racing in parliament.

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Producers: Tim Molineux & Lisa Burns

Wharfies Grab their Pitchforks… and Lamingtons?

In New Zealand this week Wharfies gave their protests a different kind of flavour, when they smeared the Mayor with a lamington!

Will Pollard, our New Zealand correspondent spoke to Jordan Archer about the union dispute.

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Producers: Tim Molineux & Lisa Burns

Beatboxing around the world

Multi-vocalist, sound effect extraordinaire, beatbox addict, Tom Thum is gracing the Adelaide Fringe with his debut solo show, following astounding success in group show Tom Tom Crew.

At 26, Tom has already been hugely successful, winning team battles at Beatboxing World Championships, performing sell-out shows around the world and performing with hiphop legends such as Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash.

Breakfast’s Jennie Lenman caught up with Tom to talk sound effects, addictions and musical inspirations.

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Produced by Jennie Lenman

Sanderson Jones: 1, Street preachers: 0

Tim had a chat with Sanderson Jones, a travelling UK comedian who is selling all the tickets to his stand up show by himself. This week Sanderson has been out hassling the Rundle Mall preachers.

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Produced by Rupert Hogan-Turner