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Government blind to Disability

A bill proposed by the Federal Governments will exclude you, if you’re blind and over the age of 65, from being eligible for disability funding. This means placing people in a position of vulnerability into the generic aged-care system.

We spoke to the Executive Director of the Royal Society for the Blind, Andrew Daly.

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Produced by Tim Molineux

Culture of exploitation

A report by the University of Adelaide has found that more and more young people are being lured into unpaid jobs in the hope of gaining paid employment that simply doesn’t exist.

So what do you do when you need work experience but can’t afford to work for free?

Professor Rosemary Owens spoke with Radio Adelaide about this increasing culture of exploitation.

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Produced by Tarnia George

Protecting Koongarra

It seems for some that land just simply can’t be bought out.

We spoke with Dave Sweeney from the Australian Conservation Foundation about Jeffrey Lee’s move to protect sacred land from uranium mining.

Traditional owner Mr Lee has been battling for decades to protect the land in the heart of Kakadu National Park which is worth just under $2 billion.

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Produced by Katrina Berry

Global warming comes to a grind

Could grinding up rock and tipping it into the ocean be the answer to global warming?

A new study by German scientists from the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in Bremerhaven claims that dissolving large quantities of rock in the sea could absorb carbon emissions and slow down global warming.

Chief investigator for Centre of Excellence for Climate Systems Science, Peter Strutton spoke today about this interesting topic.

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Genetic discrimination

When it comes down to a job interview does your genetic disposition to illness or mental health ever cross your mind?

We spoke with National Media Director of Civil Liberties Australia, Tim Vines about the proposed Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill and how genetic discrimination could become a problem.

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Produced by Katrina Berry

We need your wheelie good title!

santos_tour_down_underRadio Adelaide’s own cycling enthusiasts Chris Komorek and Michael Roelink have scaled the mountain that is the Alpe d’Radio Program! The lycra-clad lads from the station will be presenting a week-long program during the Tour Down Under.

Bringing you up-to-date results, interviews, analysis and previews, the two-wheeled bandits sure have a busy week ahead of them – however, their chain-ring of ideas needs a bit of oil, as they don’t have a name for their show!

That’s where we need you to slide out of the slipstream and lead us to glory! We need a name for our show and would love to hear your suggestions!

Chris Komorek joined Angus Randall on Breakfast to preview the upcoming show, titled “___enter your suggestion___“.

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Produced by Chris Komorek

Dogs driving; something to bark about

No longer designated to the passenger seat these dogs are pumping the accelerator and taking off.

In modifed cars these dogs have mastered changing gears, steering, and using pedals to cruise the race track.

It seems our furry friends are quite intelligent. A group of rescued dogs in New Zealand are taking to the road proving they really are street smart.

Christine Kalin, the CEO of SPCA Auckland spoke about the project and common perceptions of abandoned or rescued dogs.

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Produced by Katrina Berry

A one-man opposition

Family First MLC, Rob Brokenshire, regretfully describes himself as a “one-man opposition” because the State Liberals, in his opinion, can’t seem to get their act together.

He spoke to Tim Brunero this morning about his views of State Politics, and also to say goodbye to Tim who is leaving Radio Adelaide.

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Producer: Sue Reece

Brekkie at the Market

For a special breakfast, the Radio Adelaide Brekkie Team, with both Presenters, Tim Brunero and Angus Randall, broadcast direct from Adelaide’s world renowned Central Market, and really brought home the goodies!


First off the blocks, so to speak, was their interview with Author Lance Campbell, who, with, Mick Bradley have published a book, City Streets, which chronicles two eras of Adelaide’s architecture, history and urban development.

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Every year Adelaide hosts the “OZAsia” festival, and this year the festival has a distinctly Indian flavour. Tim Brunero and Angus Randall spoke to OZAsia Festival Artistic Director Jacinta Thompson.

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That’s about it, so Tim Brunero, Angus Randall, and Radio Adelaide would like to thank Adelaide’s Central Market, the Stall-holders and the Market Management for allowing us to be part of the Market’s busy morning!

Roll up, Roll up the Weekend has arrived!

Every Friday one of our super producers gives you a comprehensive rundown on what the weekend has in store! This week Chris Komorek did the honours.

Friday night was big on the agenda with The Royal Adelaide Show, The AFL FINALS and the Nexus World Music Series all kicking off tonight.

Tomorrow will see the Mighty Adelaide Crows face up against a strong Sydney Swans unit that are hungry for September success.

Producer: Chris Komorek