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Freedom of Speech? Retailers think not.

The Rundle Mall preachers are arguably one of the most controversial groups in Adelaide. They are once again being challenged over their loud religious protests.

It’s hoped that the State Opposition’s new bill to allow police to intervene by removing protester’s loudspeakers and podiums will go some way to curbing the disturbance.

The bill is a response to the Supreme Court decision earlier this year, which favoured the preachers over the Adelaide City Council.

A lot of people were up in arms about this ruling, here’s what some shoppers had to say about the preachers.

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It sounds as though the preacher’s presence does affect shoppers, but how do the retailers feel about it? Martin Haese, The General Manager of the Rundle Mall Management Authority. talked to Jennie Lenman about the impact on Rundle Mall retailers.



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Productivity and The Internet: Interview With Philip Weickhardt – Productivity Commission

It’s often been said that online shopping and importing will be the death of the home grown, Australian owned brick and mortar retail outlets. Major national retailers argue that they are at an unfair disadvantage to overseas sellers because many imports do not attract the GST, but a new report from the Productivity Commission says that online outlets are far from the biggest cause of the retail slump. Tim Brunero spoke to Productivity Commissioner, Philip Weickhardt, and asked him whether the Report showed that Internet sales are not to blame.

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