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Taking a punt on a back flip

Over the weekend the Federal Government backflipped on its decision to introduce mandatory pre-commitment technology in Australian poker machines nationally by 2014.

Instead we’ll get a trial in the ACT this year with a decision to be made after the next election and a $250 withdrawal limit on ATM’s at gaming venues.

This backflip has Wilkie annoyed and he’s withdrawn his support for the Labor party, sort of, theoretically leaving the government once again with a one seat majority in Parliament.

Opposition MP’s and other anti-gambling campaigners are concerned that this will only prolong any real action on the issue.

One person who’s passionately anti-pokies is South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon and Tim Brunero spoke to him about this back flip on poker machine reform.

[audio https://radioadelaidebreakfast.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/2401_nick-xenophon.mp3]

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Producers: Mike Nicholson & Sam Reynolds

Live Cattle Exports Suspended to Indonesia

THE Federal Government has suspended all live cattle exports to Indonesia in a move that could cost millions of dollars.

Federal Agriculture Minister, Joe Ludwig last night ordered the ban, following last week’s report on ABC’s Four Corners showing Australian cattle being treated inhumanely in Indonesian abattoirs.

Jess Wingard asked Senator Nick Xenephon what Australian producers who sell their cattle in good faith are to do about the cost involved with the ban.

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Indonesian Livestock Trade: Interview with Senator Nick Xenophon

The treatment of exported Australian live stock in Indonesian abattoirs has been a hot topic over the past week. Senator Nick Xenophon spoke to Jess Wingard, and she asked him whether we should protect the live animal export trade or the animals.

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Pokies reform: Is it un-Australian or a big fat lie?

National Pokies Reforms has become the hot talking point after Clubs Australia yesterday launched a twenty-million-dollar advertising campaign to counteract proposed changes to pokies practices.

Under the proposal, the Federal Government wants to enforce a mandatory pre-commitment scheme by 2014, which will involve gamblers having set limits before playing the pokies.

To talk about these government reforms, Clubs Australia’s campaign and the launch of his counter-campaign, www.itsabigfatlie.com.au, Catherine Zengerer spoke to Independent Senator, Nick Xenophon.

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