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Mining drugs and taxes

miningNow that the dust has settled over the election announcement and parliament is back in session we get down to the nitty gritty of policy rather than speculation…maybe.

To find out how possible this is, Breakfasts’ Angus Randall spoke to Ben Eltham from independent journalist website New Matilda.

Angus began by asking Ben about the Mining Tax and went on to talk with ben about drugs in sport and some of the issues surrounding superannuationincluding the gender imbalance

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Producer: Mike Nicholson

Katter and Homophobia? Surely Not!

Barnaby Joyce – does he prefer Australian Billionaires or American Billionaires?
The Greens are flexing their muscles on the Carbon Tax, with Clive Palmer looking on.
Katter versus Katter in Queensland – a new family feud?
And Bob Carr’s elevation to the position of Foreign Minister.
Jacqueline Maley, the Federal Parliamentary Sketch Writer for the Sydney Morning Herald, speaks to Tim Brunero about these and other questions.

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Producers: Chris Komorek, Angus Randall, Wade Stephens

Superannuation and You

What are the big financial decisions you’ve made in your lifetime? Computers, Cars, Real Estate?
There’s a much bigger financial decision you’ve made, and the odds are that you barely thought about it at all – Superannuation!
Tone Abbott is thinking about it, and he’s worried.
To find out more, Tim Brunero spoke to CFMEU‘s National Secretary for Forestry and Furnishing Products Division, Michael O’Connor.

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Producers: Chris Komorek, Angus Randall, Wade Stephens

Another Super Profits Tax: Professor John Freebairn – Melbourne University

How could the Federal Labor Government possibly be thinking about another super profits tax? The last one they proposed led to a $100 million advertising campaign being waged against them by the big miners – and they had to depose  Kevin Rudd just to stop the damage.
Treasury working group is beavering away  on something that sounds awfully like one – it’s been dubbed a “Robin Hood” company tax.
It would mean MOST Australian companies would pay no tax on their earnings, while some would pay a much higher rate of “super tax” on large profits.
It would mean banks and mining companies would pay more tax, but others, like manufacturers, would pay nothing.
Tim Brunero spoke a member of the Treasury working group working on this – Professor John Freebairn, from Melbourne University.

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Producer: Tim Brunero

Superannuation – what does it mean for you?

Super funds… everybody needs them and everyone should have one….it’s known that by having a super fund you save for your retirement. But…… what are they actually doing for us?

With the share market’s volatility and the Government’s changes in policy to superannuation and the risks published on negative returns, people have become fearful of losing money.

Giving us more of an insight into superannuation, Tim Brunero spoke to Adam Kirk from Australian Ethical Investment and Superannuation.

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News From New Zealand: Will Pollard

In his regular New Zealand spot, Will Pollard talk to Tim Brunero about the latest news from across the Tasman. The Greens party there has protested about the New Zealand Government’s investing Superannuation Funds into such things as Tobacco, Firearms, and even a company that manufactures delivery systems for Nuclear Weapons! Will also tells us about Adidas and the price Kiwis pay for “All Black” jerseys. Cheaper from stores overseas! To begin, Tim asked Will about the bleak picture of Children’s care in New Zealand.

Every Child Counts

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