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The Golden Phung sells out!

Golden PhungAward-winning sketch comedy troupe; The Golden Phung  are back at the Fringe Festival with a delectable smorgasbord of brand spanking new sketches.

Originally a down-to-earth group from Adelaide, they seem to have lost all sense of morality and artistic integrity and have sold out, not their tickets, but their very souls! They’ve traded their joke books for cheque books, their yucks for bucks, their cavalier jests for caviar vests…

Roy Phung and Eddie Morrisson of The Golden Phung joined Bill Walter to tell us why they’re selling out!

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Water worries

More and more families are struggling to keep up with increasing costs of living, while welfare payments are being significantly reduced.

When you’re already struggling to pay your mortgage or rent, plus all of your utilities, the last thing you want to think about is what’s happening with water prices.

Water has been in the news again, first with prices expected to go up and then reports that they may be coming down, so Bill Walter had a chat with Mark Henley from Uniting Communities about what’s happening.

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Culture of exploitation

A report by the University of Adelaide has found that more and more young people are being lured into unpaid jobs in the hope of gaining paid employment that simply doesn’t exist.

So what do you do when you need work experience but can’t afford to work for free?

Professor Rosemary Owens spoke with Radio Adelaide about this increasing culture of exploitation.

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Pesky pheasant


Imagine peacefully going about your business at work, when all of a sudden out of nowhere, you manage to get attacked by, of all things… a pheasant!!

Dermot Smyth joined Bill Walter on the show to talk about how this pesky poultry has been causing havoc along with the inundation of British TV shows, and how to start your own navy.


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Torn by tornadoes of fire

The 18th of January 2003 was a dark day for Canberra. The bushfires that had been burning for days, began to rage out of control. The flames quickly spread from the devastated national parks into the suburbs, destroying over 200 homes and leaving four casualties.

It was long speculated that the fires included a tornado, but it has just been proven that the fires actually caused a ‘fire tornado’.

Bill Walter spoke with ACT Emergency Services Agency Special Risks Analyst, Rick McRae to find out exactly what a fire tornado is.

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Say neigh to unnecessary slaughter

In the wake of recent uproar and calls to ban live exports of sheep and cattle, there has been a new campaign to stop racehorses that are too slow, from being sold for dogmeat. These wasteful breeding practices used by the horseracing industry mean that over 10,000 horses are slaughtered in Australia every year.

The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses has recently brought the issue to light in a bid to reduce the slaughter of healthy animals.

Bill Walter spoke with Elio Celotto, spokesperson for the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses to talk to us about the issue.

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Anemone breast cancer’s enemy

They protect little clownfish like Nemo from predators, and live peacefully on tropical coral reefs feeding on small fish, but could Sea Anemones potentially be the cure for cancer?

New research undertaken at the Medical Biotechnology department at Flinders University has found that the venom produced by sea anemones is able to kill cancer cells in the lab.

Bill Walter spoke with Dr Barbara Sanderson to discuss the exciting breakthrough.

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World Life Saving Championships splash into Adelaide

On Wednesday night Rescue 2012 kicked off with a bang, with the opening ceremony at Glenelg beach.

The “Olympics” of Surf Life Saving has been held in locations such as Egypt and Germany, but this year splashed into Adelaide, bringing with it 4,000 competitors from 42 countries.

Events such as surf boat races, beach sprints, and ocean swims will be shared between the locations of Glenelg, Christies Beach, and the State Aquatic Centre in Marion until Sunday the 18th November.

Bill Walter spoke with Media spokesperson for Rescue 2012, Ian Hanson about what’s happening on the beach.

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Climate Change made Sandy angry

With over 130 fatalities and affected areas ranging from Haiti and Jamaica, all the way to New York and Canada, Hurricane Sandy was not only in the top five most destructive, but recorded as the largest Atlantic hurricane on record.

In its aftermath more than two million people in New Jersey were left without power and streets and subways in New York were completely flooded. Raising questions about whether climate change had any influence in causing the hurricane dubbed as “Frankenstorm”.

Bill Walter spoke to Matthew England from the University of NSW, the CCRC, and the ARC Centre of Excellence in Climate System Science, beginning the discussion with whether Hurricane Sandy was caused by climate change.

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Cane toad’s last croak

In 1935 the Cane Toad was introduced to get rid of cane beetles, a decision that would go on to be one of Australia’s most uncontrollable pest.

77 years later there are over 200 million of the slimy creatures, which displace native species and contain poison that kills potential predators.

After  decades of trying to kill them off individually, a group in the Northern Territory are taking a different approach and going after their young.

Bill Walter spoke with Graeme Sawyer from FrogWatch in the Northern Territory to discuss the plan and its processes.

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Producer: Tarnia George