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Carbon Tax

Two reports on climate change have emerged in the span of a week. First the government’s climate commission headed by Professor Tim Flannery released their first report on Monday the 23rd of May. Now this Tuesday, Professor Ross Garnaut released his final report.

Highlights of Garnaut’s final report recommend 26 dollar per tonne as a price for carbon, 55% of money collected as Carbon Tax to be given to low and middle-income families as compensation, 35% of the funds to be compensation for trade exposed industries and 10% to be invested in renewable and new technologies.

Public & political debate has commenced over these reports. But earlier in the week, debate on the issue centred around an ad campaign featuring some of the well-known celebrities endorsing an action on climate change.

Looking beyond the immediate price and compensation debate, let’s try and make some sense of what lies ahead on this model of action on climate change.

Dr. Richard Denniss is the executive director of Australia Institute and he joined us this morning to discuss whether we’re spending way too much time in developing reports and less time in actual action.

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